1988 Circle in the Forest (King Records)

1990 Brilliant Streams (King Records)

1993 Cryptogram Illusion (King Records)

2008 In Search of the Soul Trees (Musea Records)

2015 Missing Piece of My Life (Asturias)

2016 At the Edge of the World (Asturias)

2018 Across the Ridge to Heaven (Asturias)

Acoustic Asturias

2004 Bird Eyes View (Musea Records)

2006 Marching Grass on the Hill (avex io)

2012 Legend of Gold Wind (Asturias)

Electric Asturias

2011 Fractals (Asturias)

2014 Elementals (Asturias)

2017 DVD “LIVE IN USA” (Asturias)